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It’s not easy making the transition to Conscious Parenting, especially if this approach is very different to the way you were parented. It helps to have someone who can listen to you, and help you identify your values and focus on your objectives. A coach won’t give you the answers; after all, every family is unique! Instead, a good coach will help you find your own answers to parenting challenges.
How Does It Work?​

These one-to-one sessions can be designed according to your needs. It could be used for consultation with Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor Anisa Al Sharif founder of Tanshi2a, on the listening tools, their implementation and how can you use them to connect with your child.

Or it could be designed as coaching sessions, to help you bring your parenting vision to focus and craft practical plan to connect deeply with your child.

The sessions can either take place over the video conferencing or in person.


One Session


Approx. USD 110$

5 sessions package


Approx. USD 405$
Saving 25%

10 sessions package


Approx. USD 675$
Saving 38%

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