One-to-One Coaching - One (1) Session

  • Price above is UAE Dirhams, approx. USD$ 110

د.إ 400.00

One session:
– 60 minutes individual session
– In-person (within the Dubai Emirates only) or via video conferencing


These one-to-one sessions can be designed according to your needs. It could be used for consultation with Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor Anisa Al Sharif founder of Tanshi2a, on the listening tools, their implementation and how can you use them to connect with your child.

أو أن تكون جلسات توجيه عامة لمساعدتكم على تحديد رؤيتكم التربوية وتطوير أهدافكم والتركيز على وضع خطة عملية لبناء صلات عميقة مع أبنائكم.


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