Who Are We?

What is Tanshi2a?

In Arabic, Tanshi2a means ‘Nurture’.

Tanshi2a is a community-based social enterprise that raises awareness of child-centered approaches and Conscious Parenting practices in the Arab world. We do this by encouraging effective communication, positive relationships, and respect for children.

Through carefully designed programs and workshops Tanshi2a brings the world’s leading research and practices in parenting, education, and well being to the Middle East. The techniques used are based on effective communication, positive relationships, and respect for our children.

Our Vision:

To contribute in the creation of a loving, caring culture that is respectful of children and their rights and that prioritizes the childrens’ wellbeing.

Our Mission:

  • Training parents and caregivers on best practices in positive parenting, education, and well-being to create stronger and deeper connections with their children.
  • Coaching parents and child caregivers to live authentically and to take control of their inner world creating new possibilities for themselves and their children.
  • Supporting parents and caregivers and empowering them to bring new generations into the Arab world that are empowered with love, care and creativity.
  • Raising the awareness of positive parenting through different programs and knowledge dissemination.
Anisa Al Sharif

Anisa Al Sharif​

Founder of Tanshi2a

As a mother, Anisa Al Sharif founded Tanshia because she is passionate about sharing the parenting practices that have changed her life and her relationship with her child. Anisa believes that if we offer the right knowledge and support to educators and caregivers, we will be able to raise well-rounded emotionally healthy people.

An Educator, Al Sharif is a Conscious Parenting certified educator and a social policy expert, who has a deep understanding of family issues, child development and education. She is the only certified instructor by Hand in Hand’s Parenting by Connection organization in the UAE.

A Coach, Al Sharif is a trianed coach by Co Active Coaching Training Institute. Her coaching training and expertise enables her to understand your journey as a parent or caregiver as well as your childrens’ and to support you though it, helping you design your own life’s quest and the courage to change.

Anisa holds a Masters degree in International Social Policy from Bath University in the UK, and a Bachelors degree in Economics from UAE University.

She lead numerous parenting support groups and community-based initiatives and participated in a wide variety of professional events and conferences. During her 13 years as a Social Development Policy Advisor for Dubai Government, she worked on key strategies and led the development of public policies in the areas of Education, Human Capital Development, Parenting, Third Sector and PWD Inclusion.

She currently works as an independent advisor on public social policy. On a personal level, Anisa is an enthusiastic reader, with special interest in Arabic content for children.


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